Continuous Access Evaluation in Azure AD [Public Preview]

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Continuous Access Evaluation in Azure AD [Public Preview]

Microsoft has introduced Continuous Access Evaluation (CAE) for tenants who had not configured any Conditional Access policies.

CAE provides the next level of identity security by terminating active user sessions to a subset of Microsoft services (Exchange and Teams) in real-time on changes such as account disable, password reset, and admin initiated user revocation.

The 9th October, CAE was now available in public preview for Azure AD tenants who have configured Conditional Access policies.

Microsoft services, like Exchange and SharePoint, can terminate active user sessions as soon as a Conditional Access policy violation is detected. More Microsoft services, such as Dynamics and Azure, will be enabled in the future.

Getting started

For tenants with Azure AD Premium subscription, you can configure CAE throught the Azure AD portal.

Go to Azure Active Directory -> Security -> Continuous Access Evaluation.

You can Enable Preview and you can also choose to configure this initially for a select set of users and groups.


Note : If there are no conditional access policies configured in your tenant. CAE is already enabled for all users in your tenant and there are no additional actions you need to take. This is enabled even if your tenant has no Azure AD premium subscription.


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