Conditional Access for Office 365 Suite [General Availability]

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Conditional Access for Office 365 Suite [General Availability]

The 8th October, Microsoft is announcing GA of Conditional Access for the Office 365 Suite!

You can set a policy for all Office 365 apps, including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, and Microsoft Teams, as well as micro-services used by these well-known apps, by targetting Office 365 Suite in the Conditional Access policy.

With the GA release, if you haven’t already updated your policies to use the Office 365 Suite, you should review any policies you have targeting individual Office apps to see if they can switch to.

Office 365 apps use shared services for an integrated experience, like access to files, calendar, and contact information.


Targeting the Office 365 Suite also means you don’t need to watch for new apps and manually update your policy as they become available.


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