Securing Sensitive Data with the AIP Unified Labeling Scanner [EN]

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Securing Sensitive Data with the AIP Unified Labeling Scanner [EN]

The AIP scanner allows you to scan your on-premises data repositories against the standard Office 365 sensitive information types and custom types you build with keywords or regular expressions. Once the data is discovered, the AIP scanner(s) can aggregate the findings and display them in Analytics reports so you can begin visualizing your data risk and see recommendations for setting up protection rules based on the content.


To configure the AIP unified labeling scanner, there are a few steps you need to follow:

  • Configure on-premises prerequisites
    • Server SQL
    • Installer account permissions
    • Local Service Account
    • Open required network locations
    • AIP scanner binaries
  • Configure Azure prerequisites
    • Global admin credentials
    • Cloud service account (creation or sync)
    • Create Azure AD application for service authentication
    • Grant authorization for Azure AD application
    • Configuring IP Azure Log Analytics (Optional)
  • AIP scanner profile configuration
  • AIP scanner installation

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