Microsoft Cloud App Security – Release 198

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Microsoft Cloud App Security – Release 198

  • Exclusion of Azure Active Directory groups entities from discovery
    Microsoft has added the ability to exclude discovered entities based on imported Azure Active Directory groups. Excluding AAD groups will hide all discovery-related data for any users in these groups. For more information, see Exclude entities.
  • API connector support for ServiceNow Orlando and Paris versions
    Microsoft has added support for the ServiceNow API connector to the Orlando and Paris versions. For more information, see Connect ServiceNow to Microsoft Cloud App Security.
  • Always apply the selected action even if data cannot be scanned
    Microsoft has added a new checkbox to Session policies that treats any data that can’t be scanned as a match for the policy. 


Deprecation notice: this feature replaces both Treat encrypted as match, and Treat files that cannot be scanned as match, in addition to adding new functionality. New policies will contain the new checkbox by default, deselected by default. Pre-existing policies will be migrated to the new checkbox on May 30. Policies with either or both options selected will have the new option selected by default; all other policies will have it deselected.

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