New release (2.11.58) of AIP UL [General Availability]

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New release (2.11.58) of AIP UL [General Availability]

AIP UL client 2.11.58 is now GA and available to download

What’s new ?

This version includes the following new features, fixes, and enhancements for the unified labeling scanner and client:


  1. Due to issues with packaging our MSI package in 2.11.57 version, we had to repackage the client and forced to use a new build number – hence the new version number is 2.11.58.
    1. The code of 2.11.58 is identical to 2.11.57.
    2. Users who’ve installed version can be assured that have a fully supported and functional version.
  2. AIP 2.11.58 does NOT include the Scanner DLP and the Co-Authoring features that are still part of the 2.10.X. if you wish to use the Scanner DLP or Co-Authoring version please use the appropriate client.

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