New Office app for iOS and Android supports sensitivity labels

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New Office app for iOS and Android supports sensitivity labels

The new mobile app called Office – combining Word, Excel, and PowerPoint into a single app – is generally available worldwide for anyone on Android and iOS phones, since the 19th of February 2020.

Sensitivity label capabilities in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

For iOS and Android : Where these have a minimum version listed, the sensitivity label capability is also supported with the new Office app.

Manually apply, change, or remove label2.21+16.0.11231+
Apply a default label2.21+16.0.11231+
Require a justification to change a label2.21+16.0.11231+
Provide help link to a custom help page2.21+16.0.11231+
Mark the content2.21+16.0.11231+
Assign permissions now2.21+16.0.11231+
Let users assign permissionsUnder reviewUnder review
View label usage with label analytics and send data for administratorsUnder reviewUnder review
Require users to apply a label to their email and documentsUnder reviewUnder review
Apply a sensitivity label to content automaticallyUnder reviewUnder review
Support AutoSave and coauthoring on labeled and protected documentsUnder reviewUnder review



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