Deploy new Microsoft Teams with Microsoft 365 apps

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Deploy new Microsoft Teams with Microsoft 365 apps

Starting in September 2023, Microsoft will begin including new Microsoft Teams as part of the new and existing installations of Microsoft 365 apps for Windows depending on the schedule provided in this post. Currently, users can install the new Teams by using the Try the new Teams toggle switch in classic Teams or having administrators bulk deploy directly to the computers in their organization.

Administrators can exclude installing new Teams from their Microsoft 365 apps deployment if they don’t wish to have new Teams included in the installation.

This announcement includes details about the upcoming changes for rolling out the new Teams desktop app with Microsoft 365 apps and details on managing opt-outs. This change is beginning currently for Microsoft 365 Apps for Windows.

  • Microsoft will begin by including the new Teams app as part of new and existing Microsoft 365 app installations on Windows depending on your office update channel and license Type. You will continue to have the classic Teams app included in the installation as well.
  • Administrators will be able to manage opt-out from this deployment if they do not wish to have new Teams included in the installation. More details in the section below.

How this will affect your organization:

Depending on which update channel you’re using and the deployment schedule below, the new Teams application will start installing with Microsoft 365 apps. The following shows the schedule.

The planned rollout for deploying new Teams with Microsoft 365 apps and showing the toggle will be:

  • Business plans (for example, Business Basic, Business Standard, Business Premium, and Teams Essentials (AAD), etc.): September 2023.
  • Enterprise plans (for example, E3, E5, F3, etc.): reference this article.

How to opt-out from this change:

Note: The control to opt-out will be available in early August 2023. Microsoft will update this Message center post to notify you once it is available.

To prevent the automatic installation of the new Teams app, sign into the Microsoft 365 apps admin center ( with an admin account. Then, go to Customization > Device Configuration > Modern Apps Settings. Select Microsoft Teams (work or school) and then clear the Enable automatic installation of new Microsoft Teams check box. However, Microsoft would recommend leaving the setting as is for the best Teams experience.

More details can be found in the technical documentation.

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