Announcing device isolation support for Linux [Public Preview]

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Announcing device isolation support for Linux [Public Preview]


Some attack scenarios may require you to isolate a device from the network. This action can help prevent the attacker from controlling the compromised device and performing further activities such as data exfiltration and lateral movement. Just like in Windows devices, this device isolation feature disconnects the compromised device from the network while retaining connectivity to the Defender for Endpoint service, while continuing to monitor the device.

Important to note:

  • When isolating a device, only certain processes and web destinations are allowed. Therefore, devices that are behind a full VPN tunnel won’t be able to reach the Microsoft Defender for Endpoint cloud service after the device is isolated. We recommend using a split-tunneling VPN for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and Microsoft Defender Antivirus cloud-based protection-related traffic. 
  • Exclusion is not supported for Linux isolation

This capability is part of the set of response actions that can be taken on a device. Further information on the response actions can be found in Take response actions on a device in Microsoft Defender for Endpoint | Microsoft Learn

Note: The capability applies to all Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Linux supported distros documented in the System requirements page. 


Linux Manual Isolation

In the Microsoft 365 Defender portal, navigate to the device page of the Linux device. You’ll see the “Isolate Device” action among other response actions on the device page 

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							Announcing device isolation support for Linux
Figure 1: ‘Isolate Device’ on the Device page

Once the action is completed on the device, you can track progress in the Action Center. 

You’ll be able to reconnect the device back to the network at any time. The button on the device page will change to say Release from isolation, by following the same steps as isolating the device. 


Linux isolation is available using APIs. For more details, please refer to the resources below: 

Isolate machine API | Microsoft Learn 

Release device from isolation API | Microsoft Learn 


Device isolation support for Linux on Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

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