MIP – Co-authoring [Public Preview]

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MIP – Co-authoring [Public Preview]

  • Co-authoring and AutoSave on Microsoft Information Protection-encrypted documents 
  • Client-based automatic and recommended labeling on Mac 
  • Mandatory labeling requiring users to apply a label to their email and documents 
  • Availability of audit label activities in Activity Explorer 
  • Native support for variables and per-app content marking 
  • You can leverage co-authoring using: 
    • Production or test tenant 
    • Microsoft 365 apps with the following versions: 
      • Windows – Current Channel 16.0.14026.20270+ (2105) 
      • Mac: 16.50.21061301+  
  • If AIP Unified Labeling Client Version is in use, verify that in addition to the updated Microsoft 365 app, you use version of the Unified Labeling client. 
  • PLEASE NOTE: That Co-authoring for Native/Built-In Labeling will be added in the upcoming Current Channel within 2 weeks 

Read more about the feature at Enable co-authoring for documents encrypted by sensitivity labels in Microsoft 365 – Microsoft 365 Compliance | Microsoft Docs 

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