Temporary Access Pass [Public Preview]

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Temporary Access Pass [Public Preview]

Temporary Access Pass is a game-changer that completes the end-to-end passwordless onboarding experience for your users.

Microsoft created Temporary Access Pass to address many of your passwordless account onboarding and recovery scenarios.

For a user to truly be passwordless, they shouldn’t know or use their password, and instead use passwordless authentication methods and recovery if they lose their authentication devices.

Temporary Access Pass is a time-limited passcode that allows users to register passwordless methods authentication and recover access to their account without a password.


  • Go to Azure AD > Security > Authentication methods
  • Click on Temporary Access Pass
  • Click on Yes on the Enable section
  • You can can target all users or specific users or groups
  • You can edit the general settings of the features to change lifetimes, length of the passcode and if the passcode will be used only one-time
  • Click on Save

The new user authentication method page allows a privileged authentication administrator and an authentication administrator to create a Temporary Access Pass for a user.

Once a user has a valid Temporary Access Pass, they can use it to sign in and register a FIDO2 key from the My Security Info page or register for passwordless phone sign-in directly from the Authenticator app.


You can learn more about how to configure Temporary Access Pass in documentation.

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