Teams DLP Playbook – Release

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Teams DLP Playbook – Release

This document provides an overview of how enterprise customers can deploy Microsoft Teams-DLP for protecting sensitive information that is traversing with-in or outside of the organization.

Unified DLP has integration with multiple workloads that help to protect customer data with a single policy. Teams-DLP is one of the workloads within the Unified-DLP console.

This guide walks through the different aspects of deploying use cases across content/containers and shows the effectiveness of the unified DLP portal as a single place to define all aspects of your DLP strategy.

In summary, this playbook will help to

  • Understand the unified console and interface.
  • Develop a strategy for deploying Teams-DLP across the organization.
  • Provide near real time Alerts with notifications.
  • Review various scenarios to test Teams-DLP over chat and channel communication.

This document helps readers plan and protect sensitive information scenarios that normally exist in every organization. This Playbook helps as a user guide to mitigate the risk of exchanging crucial data while communicating over chat or giving access to sites for guest users.

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