Double Key Encryption for Microsoft 365 [Public Preview]

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Double Key Encryption for Microsoft 365 [Public Preview]

Double Key Encryption enables you to protect your highly sensitive data while keeping full control of your encryption key. It uses two keys to protect your data—one key in your control, and a second key is stored securely in Microsoft Azure. Viewing data protected with Double Key Encryption requires access to both keys. Since Microsoft can access only one of these keys, your protected data remains inaccessible to Microsoft, ensuring that you have full control over its privacy and security.

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  • License :
    Double Key Encryption is available as part of the Microsoft 365 E5 and Office 365 E5 suite.
    If you don’t have a Microsoft 365 E5 license, you can sign up for a trial.
  • Office Insider :
    To use the public preview, you must be a member of the Office Insider program.
    Microsoft Office version *.12711 or later.
  • Azure Information Protection :
    DKE works with sensitivity labels and requires Azure Information Protection.
    Azure Information Protection Unified Labeling Client versions or later
  • Software :
    • .NET Core 3.1 SDK.
    • Visual Studio Code. Once installed, run Visual Studio Code and select View > Extensions. Install these extensions.
      • C# for Visual Studio Code
      • NuGet Package Manager
    • OpenSSL


To get started with Double Key Encryption, navigate to GitHub to clone this repository and set up the Double Key Encryption service.

See the following link to deploy Double Key Encryption :


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