Microsoft Cloud App Security – Release 177

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Microsoft Cloud App Security – Release 177

What’s new in MCAS ?

  • New real-time malware detection (Preview, gradual rollout)
    Microsoft has expanded their session controls to detect potential malware using Microsoft Threat Intelligence upon file uploads or downloads. The new detection is now available out-of-the-box and can be configured to automatically block files identified as potential malware. For more information, see Block malware on upload.
  • New access token support for access and session controls
    Microsoft has added the ability to treat access token and code requests as logins when onboarding apps to access and session controls. To use tokens, click the settings cog icon, select Conditional Access App Control, edit the relevant app (three dots menu > Edit app), select Treat access token and code requests as app logins, and then click Save. For more information about onboarding apps, see Onboard and deploy any app and Deploy featured apps.
  • Enhanced proxy URL suffix for session controls (gradual rollout)
    On June 7, 2020, Microsoft started gradually rolling out their enhanced proxy session controls to use one unified suffix that doesn’t include named regions. For example, users will see <AppName> suffix instead of <AppName>.<Region> If you routinely blacklist domains in your network appliances or gateways, make sure you whitelist all the domains listed under Access and session controls.
  • New documentation
    Cloud App Security documentation has been expanded to include the following new content:

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