New report available for Mailflow Status

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New report available for Mailflow Status

Microsoft just released several new views for the Mailflow status report:

View 1 – By type

This view provides an overview of the different large detection category types in our protection stack. It shows that out of the total number of messages, how many were filtered as malware, as phish, as spam, by edge, or an ETR, and how many were left in the end, passing as good mail. Note that this is also the first report where we’re capturing the filtering on edge

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View 2 – By directionality

The second view provides the view by directionality, which are inbound, outbound, or intra-org (counted separately from inbound and outbound). The detail view of this tab is the same as the first view.

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Two new others views will be available at the end of the month.

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